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When you think of the relationship you have with your accounting firm, do you think of anything besides help with your periodic tax filings?

Does that relationship also bring other kinds of help to your business, such as ongoing bookkeeping services, forward-looking financial advice, or even exit strategy and retirement planning?

If you really think about it, do you really have a relationship with your CPA that goes beyond the quarterly or annual transaction involved with keeping The Tax Man happy?

A good accountant can help your business in many ways which extend far beyond the proper and timely filing of your taxes.

And another great bonus you get when you have a strong relationship with your accountant is that they’re in business too – just like you are – and they will undoubtedly have a strong network of other businesses to which they can refer you.

A great accountant “does it all” when it comes to accounting and taxes… but that leaves a lot of other areas where your business might need help.  Sales and marketing. Product and service development. Technology. Legal services.

That’s where your accountant’s network can come in handy – very handy – for the health and growth of your small firm.

Your CPA Can Help You Assemble A “Team” For Your Enterprise

Whether you run a small company with a handful of employees – or you are the entire employee roster of your business – your accountant likely has great connections that can help you with a variety of needs that’re sure to arise as you run and grow your company:

  • Coaching.  Look, you’re smart.  Smart enough to get into business, and that’s saying something.  But nobody is so smart that they can’t benefit from business coaching.  Ask your accountant if they know a good coach – another smart person who can help you think through your firm’s issues in a way no entrepreneur should try to do alone.
  • Marketing in the digital age.  How is your company’s “web presence” working for you?  Does your website look like an amateur designed and built it one weekend – or is it professionally crafted in a way that makes it customer-friendly?  And is it well-written, so that it helps customers quickly find the information they’re looking for… and persuades them to do business with you? How about the images… how much more revenue would professional photography on your web site bring you?
  • Technology.  What business doesn’t depend on Information Technology these days?  From staying in touch with your customers, to ordering supplies, to communicating efficiently within and among companies, a strong IT system is essential to a thriving business.  And unless your business is IT consulting, you should probably get some pro help with your systems.
  • Human Resources, Insurance, and Legal Advice.  From hiring employees (no mean feat these days, in this “war for talent” economy), to minimizing your liability and protecting yourself from legal battles (problems that have killed many an otherwise-healthy business)… you know you’re going to need professionals on your team.  And your accountant knows some really good ones!

True, you already know you’re going to need help with your business in areas that aren’t your primary specialty.  Even if you’re smart enough to be a discriminating consumer of these outside services, you still won’t succeed if you try to do it all yourself.

But who has the time to investigate and align with the right professionals?

Luckily, your accountant has probably done much of that for you.  They probably know the best pros in town.

And who has the money to hire the best pros in town?

Again, luckily, a referral from your CPA might just be your ticket to a nice discount on the services you’ll have to pay for anyway… as a bonus beyond the opportunity to build great relationships with the professionals you’ll need on your growing business’s team.

It’s great to be in business for yourself.  But you don’t have to be in business by yourself.  Contact your CPA today, and get the referrals you need to build a great team around your firm.  You’ll probably be very grateful for just one referral from your accounting firm… and for more than one great referral, you’ll undoubtedly thank yourself, again and again, for making that call.