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Tax Preparation

Tax preparation Denver business owners trust…

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Tax Planning

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Tax Help

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Where can you find a Denver accountant with the right expertise, experience, and dedication to client service to give you the most sound financial and tax advice; and who cares enough to be there when you (and your business) need help?

It’s all right here: Mueller Accounting & Tax Services, where our business is helping your business navigate the vast and often-treacherous sea of business tax and financial information.

  • From planning and preparing your firm’s taxes, to providing periodic reports that help you make the key decisions that guide your business’s growth.
  • From complex clean-up and “catch-up” of your business or individual tax situation, to high-level financial consulting and advice you’d get from a top-flight Chief Financial Officer
  • From the toughest business problems, to the simple questions to which you just need quick answers.
  • You can always count on us to provide the help you and your business need.

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Let Us Help Your Business

We’re your full-service accounting and tax professionals

From our offices in Littleton, Mueller Accounting & Tax Services, serves the needs of business owners throughout metro Denver and the surrounding area.

With the immense complexity and continual fluctuation of the tax code, your business needs expert help delivered in a timely fashion and with your best interests at heart the first time, the next time, and every time.

At Mueller Accounting & Tax Services, we fully understand and appreciate what you’re going through as an entrepreneur, trying to stay on top of the many regulatory and tax issues that affect your firm; all while growing your business to ensure a strong future for yourself, your family, and your team.

When you become a Mueller client, you add a powerful asset to help with your business’s management and growth.

We’re on your team.

Let Mueller Accounting & Tax Services set up (or clean up) your bookkeeping systems so things run smoothly, starting from the very first month.

Let us step in to help you and your business in your dealings with the IRS, the State of Colorado, or your local municipality.

Let us be your financial “thought partners,” giving you the kind of expert counsel you’d get from a high-priced consultant or CFO and helping you develop and refine your vision for your business.

Whatever your firm’s current tax and financial situation, we’ll help you put things right today, and establish a solid foundation for your business’s tomorrows.

You can count on us for spot-on advice, thorough explanations of every recommendation, timely accounting and bookkeeping service, and the kind of responsiveness and empathy that shows our dedication to building rock-solid, trust-based relationships with our treasured clients, for life.

We’ll Take On The Accounting Chores
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So You Can Focus On Growing Your Business

Maybe this has happened to you


You know your periodic tax filings are coming due or maybe that the due date has passed so you call your accountant to get things moving.

You leave a message.

A couple of days later, you look through the mountainous pile of paperwork on your desk, and you see something that confuses you on last month’s Profit & Loss statement. Mentally, you add that to the list of things you need to ask your accountant. And so you won’t forget, you send him an email.

Another week goes by.

You get an invoice in the mail from your accountant but it doesn’t seem quite right, so you want to ask for some clarification and he still hasn’t called you. And in the same stack of mail, you see an envelope from your “friends” at the Department of Revenue.

You send your CPA another email and leave another voicemail.

With some trepidation, you reach for the letter opener, afraid of what you’ll find in that envelope.

  • This doesn’t happen to clients of Mueller Tax & Accounting Services. Whether it’s a simple question about last month’s P&L, or a discussion about long-term tax planning or anything else related to your firm’s tax and financial needs we want to talk to you!
  • We return your calls promptly.
  • We answer your emails.
  • We respond & we’re here when you need us!


Or, maybe you’ve had this kind of experience


You finally get that call back from your accountant. Relief! You tell him you’re in the middle of something (what business owner isn’t always in the middle of something?) but you can take a few minutes, because you really need to talk to him.

Ninety minutes (and six missed customer calls) later, you finally disconnect. Your face is red, and your blood pressure is probably a bit on the high side.

You’re embarrassed, ashamed of yourself (despite your many accomplishments) you feel awful!

You’ve just spent an hour and a half receiving a verbal spanking and a first-class scolding from your accountant.

Your tax filings are late, your bookkeeping is sloppy (wasn’t he supposed to help you fix that?) and he’s going to have to add a late fee to your invoice for his ‘services.’

You’re a bad client!

As you head to the break room for a fresh cup of coffee (and a deep breath or two), you realize your accountant never did answer the questions you’d called him about.

Nope, no answers just the rebuke.

  • This is another thing Mueller clients never experience. We’re here to help you! Some CPA firms treat you like you and your business exist to help them and that’s completely the opposite of the attitude we take at Mueller Accounting & Tax Services.
  • We appreciate what you’re going through.
  • We know how easy it is for any business owner to get upside-down with the IRS, or fall behind on bookkeeping chores.
  • At Mueller Accounting & Tax Services, whatever the issue with your tax or accounting situation, we respond with a positive mindset and expectation. Whatever it is working together, we’ll get this done.

Our business taxes are now being done correctly after almost 7 years of huge mistakes by other CPAs!

Thank You Mueller Accounting & Tax Services

for making our business better and getting us on the right track!

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Terri P. – via facebook

You don’t have to settle for poor service from your accountant.


At Mueller Accounting & Tax Services, we have the experience and know-how to take care of your business’s financial services needs, from the simplest record keeping chores to the most savvy advice for long-range growth planning.

And we have a passion to help take care of you.

Give Mueller Accounting & Tax Services a look! You have our word you’ll get the best client service you’ll find from any firm “anywhere“ and you’ll want to be a Mueller client for life.

  • Bookkeeping We’ll set up your firm’s accounting systems so things run smoothly, month in and month out. And we can “clean up” anything in your systems that aren’t working for you or serving your business’s needs.
  • Tax Preparation Let us take care of your periodic filings with the IRS, the State, or your local municipality. We’ll make sure everything’s done right, and on time, so you won’t have to worry about it.
  • Planning and Advice We’re pros, we know business, and we’re always ready with answers to your questions or high-level counsel as you plan your firm’s future. Let us be your “thought partners!”

We Love Our Clients and they love us! Our enthusiastic testimonials from clients make our day and we can’t wait to earn one from you.


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