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October can be a hectic page on the calendar for an accounting and tax firm, with the mid-month “second deadline” for filing the previous year’s taxes for individuals and sole proprietors… not to mention forward-looking tax planning, routine bookkeeping, and all the usual work we accountants do for our clients.

This year, October was busier than ever here at Mueller Accounting & Tax.

But amidst the flurry of activity, it seems like a great time to reflect on how much our firm has grown over the past year-or-so… and to express our gratitude to the many enthusiastic clients (business and individual) who’ve helped make such a big difference in our company… and in our lives.

It’s certainly our aspiration to make a profound, positive difference in the lives of our clients, too, and we hope we’ve lived up to that aspiration over the past few months.

So thank you!

And here’s a look at some of the exciting changes we’ve seen in our firm in the past few months.

Outstanding New Mueller Team Members

Like many CPAs, Cathy Mueller started her firm as a solo entrepreneur.

In time, Cathy’s unique approach to accounting and tax work (including a forward-looking, problem solving attitude… a superior level of communication and client service… and creative client advocacy that you don’t find at every accounting firm) led to a book of business too big for one person.

Even Cathy Mueller!

So the firm has been delighted to welcome some great new team members in the past year:

  • Angie Luker joined the team as Cathy’s assistant last November.  After more than twenty years in physical therapy administration, Angie wanted to learn something new… and she’s taken to the accounting and bookkeeping industry with great enthusiasm.  She’s become the “face” of the firm in many ways, and a wonderful representative of Mueller Accounting & Tax. Angie is dedicated to making sure the company’s clients always feel as valued as they are.
  • Jamie Campbell came on board recently as the new Staff Accountant, and Cathy is happy to report she’s “jumped right in and taken a sizeable chunk of the workload from my desk and brain!”  Jamie has a degree in accounting from a reputable local college, and brings more than five years of accounting experience to work for the clients of Mueller Accounting & Tax.  She’s passionate about helping clients thoroughly understand their tax implications and plans for their future.

Our clients have valued the work we’ve done for them – the enthusiastic reviews they take the time to share online attest to that.  But here’s the exciting thing: we can do even more for them as a team, and we look forward to a bright future of shared prosperity.

Expanded Outreach To The Denver-Area Community

It’s been more than a year since Mueller Accounting & Tax commissioned an extensive new “web presence,” featuring a website and blog that continue to draw praise from clients (past, present and future).

You might also be familiar with The Merry Accountant, our light-hearted monthly email newsletter that lets us “have fun with accounting and taxes!”  The Merry Accountant is one year old this month, and we’re always delighted by the great response it gets with each edition.  (You can subscribe on our website.)

And Cathy has just finished a year-long stint as Secretary/Treasurer of BNI Action Partners, one of the largest and most active networking organizations in North America.  During her tenure, Action Partners grew to more than a hundred members – all action-oriented small businesses in the Denver area.

So that’s the “state of the company” here at Mueller Accounting & Tax.  It’s good, and getting better all the time!  First and foremost, we have our wonderful clients to thank for our success and growth… and we look forward to many more years of being in the business of helping yours.